Trust TrapWire© To Enhance Your Existing Security Practices To Protect Your People And Assets

There is one truism in the world of security: reaction is not the same as prevention. If you’ve been entrusted with overseeing the safety and security of critical infrastructure, private sector businesses, or publicly accessible soft-targets, then you know first-hand the difficulties that exist in identifying threats before they strike. Now there is a way to do exactly that – to track threat indicators and prevent, rather than respond, to tragedies.  TrapWire, a threat-detection company that offers advanced software currently used by thousands of military, law enforcement and private sector clients, can be the security solution you’ve been looking for. That’s because this “Intelligent Security Method” blends cloud-based incident reporting, artificial intelligence, client-controlled information sharing tools and subject matter expertise to greatly enhance your current security practices.

Why trust TrapWire? Before answering that question, it is important to establish the risks we all currently face. Experienced security professionals will tell you there are often distinct patterns of activity preceding terrorism or other criminal events. Unfortunately, these activities, or “dots,” usually go unnoticed. As a result, the indicators that could have told you something nefarious was afoot were missed because it seemed impossible to piece together these disparate pieces of data. Enter TrapWire. Founded in 2004 as a counter-terrorism tool to protect government sites, the TrapWire system is currently deployed to thousands of public and private sector locations across the country, successfully collecting and connecting “the dots” to prevent terrorism and other types of criminal activity. And TrapWire does all this by strictly protecting client data. The system has recently been awarded FedRAMP certification by a DOD agency, verifying that the technology is protected by strict security procedures and controls, and has undergone a Privacy Impact Assessment by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The tools TrapWire has developed to achieve these goals are what allows their clients to get “Left of Boom.” As a cloud-based system, there is no hardware to install and no technological footprint at your site. Their easy-to-use reporting interface allows you to collect and analyze incident data, and alerts you and your personnel when a potential threat is detected, thus providing you with 24/7 real-time sitational awareness across your entire AOR. All of this is tied to customizable, interactive maps and mobile applications, and an encrypted communications platform that allows your security team and management to keep tabs on activity from anywhere.

Whether you are a security executive responsible for thousands of sites around the globe, or a bank manager worried about a single branch location, TrapWire can provide you with scalable/sustainable security solutions that greatly enhance your situational awareness. Joining the TrapWire network will allow you to analyze your security and threat information against a database of tens of thousands of reports and incidents across the country, and develop relationships with industry peers, state and local law enforcement agencies, and federal partnerns, all with a common goal: to detect the threats around you and prevent rather than react to tragedy.