Disrupting Criminal Activity Can Be Accomplished With TrapWire Security Software

trapwireAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. How does this old adage apply to the security industry? Simple: “Prevention” is stopping a criminal or terrorist event before it occurs, while the “cure” often means scrambling to deal with a tragic scenario that has already happened. A cursory look at recent media reporting on school shootings, package bombs, and mass casualty events makes one thing clear: reacting to an event does little to prevent the loss of life. Nor does it seem to thwart future copycats from conducting more attacks. By and large, the US is very good at reacting to tragedies. Our first-responders and forensics teams are the best in the world. However, all of these capabilities are designed for after the event; none of them get us “left of bang.” They are also costly and impossible to maintain on a 24/7 basis.

In discussing the TrapWire Intelligent Security approach with some of their current clients, one thing is clear: this system is focused almost entirely on prevention rather than reaction. By combining state-of-the-art technology, Artificial Intelligence, and subject matter experts, TrapWire has succeeded in creating an information sharing and threat detection platform that keeps users ahead of the threat. And all of this apparently done at a cost that is a fraction of standard security measures, such as armed guards, CCTV cameras, and metal detectors. Using proprietary threat algorithms, TrapWire has succeeded in tying together suspicious activity reports with law enforcement crime data, and tips-and-leads from See Something Say Something programs, turning this “shaped data” into actionable intelligence for law enforcement, the military, and Fortune 500 firms.

TrapWire’s unique approach to protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure, public spaces, and private businesses is something we intended to investigate further. We encourage you to watch this space for future developments related to this firm.

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